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New Year, New Me. 2018 Edition

So a lot of the crap that happened in 2017 made me really take a step back and reevaluate my life and where I want to be when I turn 24 later this year. Most of what I want to change has to do with my health, both mental/emotional health and physical health. I want to be able to wake up and not be tired, I want to have a regular schedule and not fall from that. I want to be fit and healthy for probably the first time in my life and I want to be able to not rely on others for happiness or as way to avoid boredom. I want to focus on my writing, my work, and my future without distractions and finally get into habits that are healthy and positive. So this blog, in addition to my social media accounts will be my record, motivation and encouragement for this.

So to start off the year, I am starting simple and working from there. These first few days have been focused on planning and executing the basics, like waking up early and removing distractions. This begins with any social media/communication accounts that are unhealthy/unnecessary. I am narrowing my social media to 3 things.

  1. Facebook/Facebook Messenger - for keeping up with family and friends and keeping account of progress from other accounts. 
  2. Snapchat - this is my one 'guilty' pleasure, to keep up with friends and as a small distraction at certain amounts of time. (yes I am limiting the amount I spend on everything but especially snapchat because I find that its a go-to for when I don't know what to do next)
  3. Instagram - for keeping visual progress of accomplishments and for advertising if I actually finish any works. 
Next, starting with the second week of January I will be starting a strict routine for both the morning and the evening after work to organize and budget my time and to make it so I do not have any time where I just sit around and do nothing or scroll through distractions. Making sure to budget time with exceptions for work schedule adjustments and any vacations or days off (if I ever have one of those). I want to also use this as way to focus my time for reading and writing, keeping track daily of progress and being open and honest about slips if I have them and use that as support for getting healthy. I will also be budgeting stuff like bills and income to allow for the most efficient use of time, and to actually get on top of finances that I have been trying to sweep to the side. 

Lastly, something that I will be focusing on the most out of anything will be stuff that are directly related to my physical and mental health. This is something that I have been avoiding for years and this year I started to finally see how bad it is. I will be continuing my dental work to finally have a smile that I'm proud of. I will be working out on a consistent basis that will make it so that I can finally be comfortable with my body,  and on top of that, visiting a doctor to deal with complications that I have held private for the most part, with the exception of my family of course. I want to finally feel like I'm living life and actually doing stuff to make sure I am healthy for it.

So for those reading this, If you ever see me not following the above rules, Say Something!! Some of you might know how bad I am with keeping up with goals so any help I can get will help!!

Thank you for reading this if you have, and if we used to be good friends but haven't talked in a while, feel free to call or text or message or snap whatever works!!


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