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Life Update (No. 2)

So this week has been a difficult one, and for that matter the past month hasn't been that much of a cake walk either. So I feel like there is point of making sure that I update those who are "out of the loop" so to speak on the situation to avoid as much awkward conversations in the near and distant future.

First I will start with the positives, it will be much shorter than the negatives but oh well. So after a year, I am finally moving up in the world from a part time position to a full time position at my job, it's a bit of shuffling however its been a lot of work and some would say deserved. For those who don't know, I have been pretty much working two jobs at a time for about the last 3 years give or take. So starting with this upcoming week I will be officially working one job! Only one!! (Until I need to pick up something else to help with bills probably?) I will be done working at restaurants for the time being, which is bittersweet because I have really only done that for my entire working life. I will try and find a bar that I can help out with if anything... ANYWAY, I have also been starting to take minor courses on computer science and coding to try and develop a path to a career outside of restaurants. Its been a long time coming and I am very excited as to what my next step will be! Next on the (pseudo) positives, I will be looking to move to the Northside a little closer to where I will be working full time, my current commute is about 35+ mins both ways traffic permitting and would be a budget buster if I continue that.  It would also allow for more free time, more time working on my career and possibilities for the future. In addition to that I have finally started the long journey in tackling my debt from my short time at IUPUI in addition to the poor choices Ive made in the past. Special thanks to my family for supporting me and kicking me in the butt when I need it. Its been a long time coming and definitely something I needed to start working on much earlier, but my goal is to be officially debt free within the next 2-3 years which is a pretty lofty goal but within the realm of possibility.

Alright, so now for the not so positive notes... So after a year and a half, my relationship has ended. It was something that was equally at fault for both parties and we are working on figuring out situations and trying our best to be as civil as can be. Its been an interesting journey, and something that I do not regret outside of my personal failures within and outside of the relationship. I failed to balance my work life and personal life enough to allow for enough time and energy to be put into both. I will not go into anything outside of that and would prefer to not talk about it in person etc... Through trying times I have to be thankful for my family and friends, and all the many blessings I have been given over the years, and this is definitely a wake up call to not take those for granted. So through this I will work on myself and get better. Thats kind of why I'm writing this, to allow for me to get out what I want to say and kind of restart my writing and talk about the projects I've been working on.

So one project I have been working on is a story I have been calling "Before My Eyes", and its been getting to the development stages for a possible screenplay that I would try to produce and publish. I haven't really decided the medium outside of film (short film, series, or feature length) but it is something that I am dedicated on finishing due to it being a story I started to develop for my aunt, dad and grandfather, all of which passed away. The story as of now is a pivot from the typical "life flashing before your eyes" in your passing moments and instead looks at the possibility of the waning moments of life being a replay from the passenger seat on points of high emotion and importance in life. Going back through to finally get closure on events that from an individuals point of view might not have gotten that. Its been a concept I have been working on in some form since 2015 and it is starting to form into a fairly developed story. So for the coming months I will be putting a lot of effort into that and might not be doing as much outside of writing, which is good.

So I will finish up this post again with thankfulness for my family and friends who are there for me, and have believed in my writing. If we haven't talked in a bit or even for just a few days, feel free to contact me, any positive messages would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for those who have read this far, I greatly appreciate the views and any comments! DFTBA!

P.S. I'm quickly writing and posting so I haven't proofread this unless the post has been updated to don't mind any weird thoughts or misspellings!


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