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Not My President

SO... I know this will probably by really controversial in terms of posting this on social media. But oh well.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, nor have I ever thought very highly of a man that spends most of his time, on social media and on television, yelling and complaining about events and people around him. Throughout the campaign season, I was one of the many people that saw him as a very extreme and laughable candidate that would bring jokes for late night hosts and not much else. I sat next to my girlfriend with a straight face late into that November night when he won the election, in disbelief. Not because he won, but because someone in this day and age can say such inappropriate things so blatantly and publicly and still be considered someone trusted enough to be our nations leader. Things that I sure would never want to be spoken about anyone in my family, anyone I consider my friend, or any future children etc.... If anything that he has said, just in general was said in the direction of my sister, mom, girlfriend or anyone that I call my friend, I would not believe that person to be intelligent enough to handle the office of President of the United States. But that does not matter, because he won.

A few days into a Trump administration,  all of the headlines read more or less the same thing. Trump lies, forces a lie onto other people or he has issues with being told no. Now most people were given that description without a name or identifier would think that being the description of a small child or middle schooler. And yet, that is our president, that is who is in charge of signing bills into law, making a sound decision on our country's military and budget. If he can not handle accurate reports about people who came to see his inauguration then how can I trust him to make a decision to keep me and my family safe, healthy and treated fairly? I would never directly advocate for complaining about leaders (except congress because seriously people, they voted to get rid of their own ethics office...), but how can we take him seriously? The only thing I have ever agreed with him is on his slogan, not the way to accomplish it though. I do think America is not as great as it once was, with millions in debt from educational loans, and less than perfect test scores in comparison to other countries in the world. Our greatest strength is what makes the rest of the world afraid of us, spending as much as we do on our military and still refusing to allow universal healthcare or subsidized higher education?

None of this is new in the world, and actually its not new in the U.S. at least in terms of education. Education in the U.S. used to be free or subsidized, even private schools used to have grants that would make attending those schools fairly inexpensive. Over the last 100 years, cost for education has risen at a rate much higher than that of minimum wage. You have seen it before, the graph that shows education costs and minimum wage difference. But in real life, I attended 1 and a half years of school, I did not receive a degree, and I am over sixteen thousand dollars in debt. I have had conversations with people that are over sixty thousand in debt and do not have a degree. Now I do not now how much you make, but for me that is multiple years of salary.

After over fifty days of the Trump presidency, approval ratings are fairly low for a number of his policies, his overall approval rating being 37% as of this post (Gallup). Now if you were to ask the man himself, he is doing incredible, tremendous things in the short amount of time that he has been in office, although recent media attention would say otherwise. All of this brings me to the point of this post, that although I respect the office, I do not respect the man in the office. I was brought up to respectful of others and act like you would want to be treated. If we apply those principles to the man in office right now, I can honestly say that I cannot safely say that I can treat him the way I want to be treated because how he treats those around him is with disrespect and shame. To have a sitting president be less interested in the office than what his image is shows that he is not a man of religion. A man of idol possession and conceited mindset does not prove otherwise. He values his name in gold on a high-rise more than the true issues facing the country he represents.

I will end this post with a simple statement, to those who hold religion and what is right above all, you can not truly support a man that contradicts what you believe. His policy on banning populations from Muslim majority countries from entering our country, his policy of tweeting disrespectful things towards opponents and the media, and finally letting things like education and healthcare go to those who would rather give the best to the top than raise up the bottom just proves more and more each day how he is Not my president. The response to that is not to rise up and protest, but to be informed and contact your representative to make all voices heard.

Thank you to who read this post, feel free to comment! Obviously if you did not like this post, that's alright, you can comment too!


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