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My Writing.

So I have advertised myself as a writer for many years now. With nothing published and nothing really advancing in the writing world other than a dream. Yet I do not stop writing no matter what. I have tried to find an answer to the question of why I write, or why I still write even though I have not really advanced much. Well.... I honestly do not know. I can tell you one thing, even though I do not have a way to post online except a beaten up iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard I still do it. In fact right now I am siting in a chair on Georgia Street in Downtown Indy writing. It is one of the few places that I have to be completely myself and be calm with the world.

Last year I took a vacation by myself, I took the week off work with no plan except a general destination and I left town. I drove through the country down through Kentucky and Tennessee. I drove through the Great Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg and I drove through South Carolina to Charleston. I spent a few days there and then went north to Virginia to visit a friend, and then I went home. I was gone for a grand total of about 8 days and it was probably the most relaxing 8 days I have had. It was just me and my car for a 2000 mile journey that ended sooner than expected. I spent the entire week not worrying about work, not worrying about what I would do, when I would wake up or who I would spend time with. All I did for entire week was drive and walk. I only took about 20 pictures from the entire trip because the trip was a vacation for me, for me to enjoy and only me.

One of my favorite moments was the last day I was in Charleston, I spent the day walking around downtown and walked all the way down King Street to the river. At the end of the road by the river is a memorial park for the civil war because of how close Fort Sumter is. I sat down on a bench facing the waterfront and spent 45 minutes just doing observational writing. Describing in detail everything around me. The color of the sky, water and grass. Creating background stories to the people buzzing around me. It was 45 minutes of pen to paper and it was exceptionally relaxing. It was also 95 degrees in the Carolina Sun so that was something else entirely. I also wrote about what I had seen on my walk down to the river and across the bridge from where I was staying.

After driving all the way back home, reflecting on this trip became just something I do to reference that I have done something adventurous with my life. Which in the months since writing the first half of this post, my life has changed so much that I have not really had the time to write. I no longer have an iPad or a keyboard to write on, I am borrowing my girlfriends laptop to even write the rest of this post here. I now have changed jobs so and apartments and do not have a good amount of time to put much thought into writing, let alone this blog. I have been intending to finish a story that I started November of 2015, but really have not had much time to put towards finishing. However I now work around a lot of talented people who find time to have youtube channels and gaming teams and other art based hobbies around work that I feel like I need to get back to writing. That is why I am still working on this blog post.

I am sorry that most of this is turning into a cloud of thoughts with no real direction, but that is what I get for starting this post in August and finishing it in January. I have made a decision to let 2017 be the year that I keep up on things that I have delayed in previous years. So this is the start. I will be posting on my blog weekly about things that are happening in my life, stuff that is on my mind in different events around the media, as well as keeping track of major life events, such as my goal to pay off my car this year. So with that, I will finish this post with what started at.

I have advertised myself as a writer for years, this year, is the year that that dream becomes a reality.

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