Friday, September 1, 2017

Life Update (No. 2)

So this week has been a difficult one, and for that matter the past month hasn't been that much of a cake walk either. So I feel like there is point of making sure that I update those who are "out of the loop" so to speak on the situation to avoid as much awkward conversations in the near and distant future.

First I will start with the positives, it will be much shorter than the negatives but oh well. So after a year, I am finally moving up in the world from a part time position to a full time position at my job, it's a bit of shuffling however its been a lot of work and some would say deserved. For those who don't know, I have been pretty much working two jobs at a time for about the last 3 years give or take. So starting with this upcoming week I will be officially working one job! Only one!! (Until I need to pick up something else to help with bills probably?) I will be done working at restaurants for the time being, which is bittersweet because I have really only done that for my entire working life. I will try and find a bar that I can help out with if anything... ANYWAY, I have also been starting to take minor courses on computer science and coding to try and develop a path to a career outside of restaurants. Its been a long time coming and I am very excited as to what my next step will be! Next on the (pseudo) positives, I will be looking to move to the Northside a little closer to where I will be working full time, my current commute is about 35+ mins both ways traffic permitting and would be a budget buster if I continue that.  It would also allow for more free time, more time working on my career and possibilities for the future. In addition to that I have finally started the long journey in tackling my debt from my short time at IUPUI in addition to the poor choices Ive made in the past. Special thanks to my family for supporting me and kicking me in the butt when I need it. Its been a long time coming and definitely something I needed to start working on much earlier, but my goal is to be officially debt free within the next 2-3 years which is a pretty lofty goal but within the realm of possibility.

Alright, so now for the not so positive notes... So after a year and a half, my relationship has ended. It was something that was equally at fault for both parties and we are working on figuring out situations and trying our best to be as civil as can be. Its been an interesting journey, and something that I do not regret outside of my personal failures within and outside of the relationship. I failed to balance my work life and personal life enough to allow for enough time and energy to be put into both. I will not go into anything outside of that and would prefer to not talk about it in person etc... Through trying times I have to be thankful for my family and friends, and all the many blessings I have been given over the years, and this is definitely a wake up call to not take those for granted. So through this I will work on myself and get better. Thats kind of why I'm writing this, to allow for me to get out what I want to say and kind of restart my writing and talk about the projects I've been working on.

So one project I have been working on is a story I have been calling "Before My Eyes", and its been getting to the development stages for a possible screenplay that I would try to produce and publish. I haven't really decided the medium outside of film (short film, series, or feature length) but it is something that I am dedicated on finishing due to it being a story I started to develop for my aunt, dad and grandfather, all of which passed away. The story as of now is a pivot from the typical "life flashing before your eyes" in your passing moments and instead looks at the possibility of the waning moments of life being a replay from the passenger seat on points of high emotion and importance in life. Going back through to finally get closure on events that from an individuals point of view might not have gotten that. Its been a concept I have been working on in some form since 2015 and it is starting to form into a fairly developed story. So for the coming months I will be putting a lot of effort into that and might not be doing as much outside of writing, which is good.

So I will finish up this post again with thankfulness for my family and friends who are there for me, and have believed in my writing. If we haven't talked in a bit or even for just a few days, feel free to contact me, any positive messages would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for those who have read this far, I greatly appreciate the views and any comments! DFTBA!

P.S. I'm quickly writing and posting so I haven't proofread this unless the post has been updated to don't mind any weird thoughts or misspellings!

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Brew

From June of 2014 until this past September, my life was ruled by the brew, Coffee that is. Coffee ruled my life, night and day it got to the point where I quite literally needed coffee to be able to sleep.  Waking up was hard until I got coffee and the middle of the day was rough unless I had coffee. I loved it though, I always talked about my job to family and friends. I had customers that would come in daily and ask about my life, what I had been working on, how my family was. They had basically become a part of my family at times, and I loved every second of it. Now the money was not great, but I made it through. Sometimes I would need to sit tight until Tuesday when tips would be made available for gas or groceries, but I loved it. You can ask anyone that was around me for that period of time, small talk revolved around coffee.

So when I was given the opportunity to interview for a job that would completely change my life, I was skeptical. I was comfortable, not exactly where I wanted to be but I was comfortable. To completely remove the coffee aspect of my life was ludicrous at the time. I had spent a good three months of my life just learning more about the coffee I served every day. I was a vital part of peoples mornings and the store I was at seemed to not want to lessen its grip on me. But in August I took a leap of faith and put in my two weeks for a company I loved to join a company on a completely different medium, technology. At the same time, I was working at one of the most respected restaurants in Indianapolis and loving that as well. It had its ups and downs like everywhere else, but once again was not exactly where I wanted to be. I was an assistant to the servers rather than being a server myself, which was where I wanted to be. I constantly found myself being talked down to and felt like I was just there to be the pack mule for them rather than assisting much.

 So within the same week that I put in my two weeks at one job, I was also offered a job to move to a different restaurant but still have a brew be the focal point. In this form the brew was beer. For the last 7 months my life has been technology weekdays and beer on the weekends, I don't really have much free time but I love it just the same. I can use the same skillset I learned at a coffee company and translate that into my job at the brewery restaurant. The tastings for coffee at five in the morning have been changed to beer flights at eight at night, and once again I love it. I no longer have to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to get to work, I can "sleep in" all the way until 8 to get to work, which has to be the best feeling in the world. My situation has dramatically changed, but the one thing that has stayed the same, whenever I see anyone that has been a regular in my store before is still family to me even 7 months removed from their daily lives. I have seen a number of them in my new workplace and I still greet everyone the same. So if you are reading this and miss me from my previous workplaces, let me know! Come visit me, I will try and come visit you as well, you are all a part of my family and you can always come enjoy the brew in my new workplace (for those over 21).

Thanks for reading guys, I am going to try (like I say with every post.....) to write on here more often!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Not My President

SO... I know this will probably by really controversial in terms of posting this on social media. But oh well.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, nor have I ever thought very highly of a man that spends most of his time, on social media and on television, yelling and complaining about events and people around him. Throughout the campaign season, I was one of the many people that saw him as a very extreme and laughable candidate that would bring jokes for late night hosts and not much else. I sat next to my girlfriend with a straight face late into that November night when he won the election, in disbelief. Not because he won, but because someone in this day and age can say such inappropriate things so blatantly and publicly and still be considered someone trusted enough to be our nations leader. Things that I sure would never want to be spoken about anyone in my family, anyone I consider my friend, or any future children etc.... If anything that he has said, just in general was said in the direction of my sister, mom, girlfriend or anyone that I call my friend, I would not believe that person to be intelligent enough to handle the office of President of the United States. But that does not matter, because he won.

A few days into a Trump administration,  all of the headlines read more or less the same thing. Trump lies, forces a lie onto other people or he has issues with being told no. Now most people were given that description without a name or identifier would think that being the description of a small child or middle schooler. And yet, that is our president, that is who is in charge of signing bills into law, making a sound decision on our country's military and budget. If he can not handle accurate reports about people who came to see his inauguration then how can I trust him to make a decision to keep me and my family safe, healthy and treated fairly? I would never directly advocate for complaining about leaders (except congress because seriously people, they voted to get rid of their own ethics office...), but how can we take him seriously? The only thing I have ever agreed with him is on his slogan, not the way to accomplish it though. I do think America is not as great as it once was, with millions in debt from educational loans, and less than perfect test scores in comparison to other countries in the world. Our greatest strength is what makes the rest of the world afraid of us, spending as much as we do on our military and still refusing to allow universal healthcare or subsidized higher education?

None of this is new in the world, and actually its not new in the U.S. at least in terms of education. Education in the U.S. used to be free or subsidized, even private schools used to have grants that would make attending those schools fairly inexpensive. Over the last 100 years, cost for education has risen at a rate much higher than that of minimum wage. You have seen it before, the graph that shows education costs and minimum wage difference. But in real life, I attended 1 and a half years of school, I did not receive a degree, and I am over sixteen thousand dollars in debt. I have had conversations with people that are over sixty thousand in debt and do not have a degree. Now I do not now how much you make, but for me that is multiple years of salary.

After over fifty days of the Trump presidency, approval ratings are fairly low for a number of his policies, his overall approval rating being 37% as of this post (Gallup). Now if you were to ask the man himself, he is doing incredible, tremendous things in the short amount of time that he has been in office, although recent media attention would say otherwise. All of this brings me to the point of this post, that although I respect the office, I do not respect the man in the office. I was brought up to respectful of others and act like you would want to be treated. If we apply those principles to the man in office right now, I can honestly say that I cannot safely say that I can treat him the way I want to be treated because how he treats those around him is with disrespect and shame. To have a sitting president be less interested in the office than what his image is shows that he is not a man of religion. A man of idol possession and conceited mindset does not prove otherwise. He values his name in gold on a high-rise more than the true issues facing the country he represents.

I will end this post with a simple statement, to those who hold religion and what is right above all, you can not truly support a man that contradicts what you believe. His policy on banning populations from Muslim majority countries from entering our country, his policy of tweeting disrespectful things towards opponents and the media, and finally letting things like education and healthcare go to those who would rather give the best to the top than raise up the bottom just proves more and more each day how he is Not my president. The response to that is not to rise up and protest, but to be informed and contact your representative to make all voices heard.

Thank you to who read this post, feel free to comment! Obviously if you did not like this post, that's alright, you can comment too!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Writing.

So I have advertised myself as a writer for many years now. With nothing published and nothing really advancing in the writing world other than a dream. Yet I do not stop writing no matter what. I have tried to find an answer to the question of why I write, or why I still write even though I have not really advanced much. Well.... I honestly do not know. I can tell you one thing, even though I do not have a way to post online except a beaten up iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard I still do it. In fact right now I am siting in a chair on Georgia Street in Downtown Indy writing. It is one of the few places that I have to be completely myself and be calm with the world.

Last year I took a vacation by myself, I took the week off work with no plan except a general destination and I left town. I drove through the country down through Kentucky and Tennessee. I drove through the Great Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg and I drove through South Carolina to Charleston. I spent a few days there and then went north to Virginia to visit a friend, and then I went home. I was gone for a grand total of about 8 days and it was probably the most relaxing 8 days I have had. It was just me and my car for a 2000 mile journey that ended sooner than expected. I spent the entire week not worrying about work, not worrying about what I would do, when I would wake up or who I would spend time with. All I did for entire week was drive and walk. I only took about 20 pictures from the entire trip because the trip was a vacation for me, for me to enjoy and only me.

One of my favorite moments was the last day I was in Charleston, I spent the day walking around downtown and walked all the way down King Street to the river. At the end of the road by the river is a memorial park for the civil war because of how close Fort Sumter is. I sat down on a bench facing the waterfront and spent 45 minutes just doing observational writing. Describing in detail everything around me. The color of the sky, water and grass. Creating background stories to the people buzzing around me. It was 45 minutes of pen to paper and it was exceptionally relaxing. It was also 95 degrees in the Carolina Sun so that was something else entirely. I also wrote about what I had seen on my walk down to the river and across the bridge from where I was staying.

After driving all the way back home, reflecting on this trip became just something I do to reference that I have done something adventurous with my life. Which in the months since writing the first half of this post, my life has changed so much that I have not really had the time to write. I no longer have an iPad or a keyboard to write on, I am borrowing my girlfriends laptop to even write the rest of this post here. I now have changed jobs so and apartments and do not have a good amount of time to put much thought into writing, let alone this blog. I have been intending to finish a story that I started November of 2015, but really have not had much time to put towards finishing. However I now work around a lot of talented people who find time to have youtube channels and gaming teams and other art based hobbies around work that I feel like I need to get back to writing. That is why I am still working on this blog post.

I am sorry that most of this is turning into a cloud of thoughts with no real direction, but that is what I get for starting this post in August and finishing it in January. I have made a decision to let 2017 be the year that I keep up on things that I have delayed in previous years. So this is the start. I will be posting on my blog weekly about things that are happening in my life, stuff that is on my mind in different events around the media, as well as keeping track of major life events, such as my goal to pay off my car this year. So with that, I will finish this post with what started at.

I have advertised myself as a writer for years, this year, is the year that that dream becomes a reality.