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Interstellar... And other stuff...

This year I had one of the most interesting experiences of my life: I spent a good five minutes on Christmas Day, sitting on a bench in a movie theatre with my head in my hands thinking about the day that I will die. (Sorry, WARNING THIS IS KINDA REALLY SAD AND DEPRESSING). But in all seriousness, the pit in my stomach while sitting on that bench was so painful. The idea of one day I will take a final breath on this earth, and in a bodily, earthly form cease to exist is an incredible idea. People spend their entire lives ignoring that thought and moving day to day life whirring by, and here I am, a twenty year old mess of a human being who had to take a break from the only good Matthew McConaughey movie I think I have ever seen (for the record not a fan of his looooong syllables) to relax his mind of the thought of not existing.

When you think about it, it really doesn't seem like it should be all that of an outlandish thought. Known history, obviously dependant on whether you believe God created the earth a few thousand years ago, or you believe that the earth is millions of years old and has evolved from a desolate empty planet to the beautiful world we are in, well it is much bigger than our own life spans. I have been on this earth for 20 years. Twenty very short years as compared to the entire timeline of this universe in which we live in. For the history of the written world, the earth has been here for at least 300 times the amount of time I have been here. So the thought of me, as a person not existing for a time is not that outlandish whatsoever. 

I wouldn't be the first person to say that I am scared of dying, I am scared of not existing on this Earth. I do believe in Heaven and I do believe that being there for the rest of eternity is the absolute culmination of happiness. I am also going on faith. Faith can be tricky, in basic non religion terms, faith can mean basically anything. I can have 'faith' that the Blackhawks will win another Stanley Cup in my lifetime (re-reading this on July 6th #ICANPREDICTTHEFUTURE). There are the Cub 'faithful', that are fanatics of the Chicago Cubs. Something can be promised in 'good faith' and someone could be breaking 'faith' by not showing up for a promised event. There are seven dictionary definitions of the word Faith, as according to Most if not all of those definitions revolve around the ideal of trust. In layman's terms, Faith is Trust. 

This all reminds me of my bible class from the private school I went to when I was younger. Particularly a class in which our teacher, Mr. Brink explained how important faith and trust is, in life and in christianity (and by extension, all of faith-based religions of the world). He started off by explaining how our senses and bodies are very much trust based as well. You trust that your eyes and transmitting the correct electrical pulses to your brain of what you are seeing. You trust that there isn't something being missed, such as a light pole directly in front of you. If you hit that pole, you would expect your feeling of touch to tell the rest of your body that you hit something and that you could be hurt. Same thing with your other senses. However there are times where our senses can 'mess with us'. I am sure that anyone can relate with hearing or seeing something that isn't there, your hand or foot being numb or not being able to smell something. We trust our senses, we trust our brain interpreting those senses. Our brains can create massively complex worlds and scenarios through pure creativity both conscious and subconscious through dreams. Even though dreams may feel real, we trust that when we wake up, our senses return to our own physical conscious world and we trust that, that is the true world we live in and not that of the dream subconscious. 

Of course from then on are the endless complexities of the brain and so on. The point is, we trust our bodies. We trust our senses. And because of our belief and trust in the endless complexities of these, it is not at all impossible to have faith and trust in a God that created all of that, and then on, Heaven. 

So to return to the beginning, while I was sitting there on a break from Interstellar, while all of these thoughts were racing through my mind significantly faster than any of McConaughey's lines (seriously though... I do not like him) , I realized that I probably was not alone, I am not the first or only human being to have these thoughts by a ridiculous amount. So take solace in that fact. 

And because I mentioned it, my thoughts from Interstellar... 

Jonathan and Christopher Nolan are seriously one of the best writing/direction duos in my opinion (FRIENDLY REMINDER: this is my blog this is all my thoughts and opinions). And a requirement of their movies is a lot of thinking.... a lot.

Matthew McConaughey... well... He is the Christina Aguilera of Hollywood Actors, making his lines last longer than anyone else. Which is probably why Interstellar was about 30-45 mins longer than I thought it would be.

Other than the pathetic existential crisis it caused me to have on Christmas (thanks Nolan bros...), it was definitely one of the best movies I have seen. The complexity of the storyline is incredible, along with the cinematic prowess of Christopher, it makes for a long but overall attention getting movie.

Also TARS and CASE were the best characters in the movie.. hands down..

ANYWAY. Now that this post has literally gone in every which way it possibly could have gone, and that it is 4:38am and my computer has 7% battery, definitely going to wait and proofread this (delete that last thought after proofread) I am going to leave this here for whoever would like to read it.

All the above is the thoughts of a 20 year old college student that does not know everything, or even a fraction of the knowledge of the world, Don't take it 100% seriously..

So Today is July 6th and I wrote that on January 3rd, I was honestly too scared to go back and read this because I never know what my mind does with that little sleep.

Thanks and DFTBA. 


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