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Interstellar... And other stuff...

This year I had one of the most interesting experiences of my life: I spent a good five minutes on Christmas Day, sitting on a bench in a movie theatre with my head in my hands thinking about the day that I will die. (Sorry, WARNING THIS IS KINDA REALLY SAD AND DEPRESSING). But in all seriousness, the pit in my stomach while sitting on that bench was so painful. The idea of one day I will take a final breath on this earth, and in a bodily, earthly form cease to exist is an incredible idea. People spend their entire lives ignoring that thought and moving day to day life whirring by, and here I am, a twenty year old mess of a human being who had to take a break from the only good Matthew McConaughey movie I think I have ever seen (for the record not a fan of his looooong syllables) to relax his mind of the thought of not existing.

When you think about it, it really doesn't seem like it should be all that of an outlandish thought. Known history, obviously dependant on whether you bel…

Coffee Master.

So this past week, I was officially certified as a coffee master for Starbucks. Whenever I mention this I get the same few questions.

1. What is a coffee master?

2. Does that mean you get a raise?

Well I am writing the first part of this post to answer those questions; and to make it so I did not have to think that long for a title for this post.

A coffee master is someone who has taken the time to learn more about the coffee we serve as well as the practices we as a company employ to ensure the sustainability of the coffee industry as a whole and the areas that produce the coffee used worldwide at Starbucks stores. It is usually an 8 to 12 week course that is completely voluntary and really does not give you any raise or anything other than the satisfaction of having customers come to you specifically for information regarding basically anything in store.

(for the record that is my own definition and if you look it up and anything I said is incorrect well... Sorry bout your life)