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So this week has been full of frustrations and really I can't think of any good way of getting all of that out than to write about it...

I haven't written on this blog since December and my has the time flown by. It doesn't seem like almost 6 months since my last post but more or less it has been. My life has really just been idling in circles since then, I still love my job (even through Frap Happy Hour.....). Even though I probably complain about my job or the people I work with or really anything else about the store is simply because I want the store to be the best store in the country. I know that may or may not be fully achievable but its definitely worth the effort.
One definitive frustration has to be the fact that while I sit here in my store on my day off writing this post. All of my friends are studying for/finishing finals on the year. I don't really like not taking classes because I feel like I am just behind. Behind other people on where I want to go, where…