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My life as a barista.

I always joked the last semester of high school that I would become a barista in college. I thought I would become a lot of things in college that I was not in high school.

I have been a barista for almost 6 months and my god has it been an incredible journey. An up and down roller coaster of a 6 months would be an over generalized understatement. A vast understatement. But regardless of that, it has been a pretty incredible opportunity.

It's no secret to my fellow partners and my friends and family that I absolutely love my job. In fact, I spend at least some time on my off days, in my store. Which especially today (totally writing this in my store), I've worked everyday for the past seven days and on my first day off I have been in twice already and have spent probably an hour here already.

The other day, a regular customer came in and ordered her usual drink. After she got her drink she put her stuff away and pulled a handle bag out of her backpack and brought it up to wher…