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Why I want to teach.

So at the end of last semester, I changed majors from Clinical Lab to Education and English. And a lot of people ask me why I switched to Education and English. I've always been able to tell them a reason, but when I really think about it, there is not just one.

The most influential people in my life (excluding family members), have been teachers.

Teachers who sparked my interest in history, social sciences, and writing. Teachers of different levels of my education, from middle school to College. Theatre directors, Coaches in sports and Pastors at church. I could probably take up a good page or two just naming off people who have influenced me who I consider to be teachers. I would not be who I am today without them. I have been taught compassion for others and passion for learning, thirst for excellence and striving to always be better. My views on the world have been molded by those teachers.

If I can influence someone's life as much as just one of the countless teachers that have influenced mine, then I will be content with where ever my life goes.

I feel like a lot of students go through school, high school especially, just going through the motions. Making it through day by day and not really taking a moment to look at all of the knowledge and resources that have been put into the molding who you are. A lot of students spend a lot of time disrespecting teachers and making their day/lives difficult. I've heard from a lot of students (and have been that student on occassion) that has said they have hated a teacher or a class in particular. But in retrospect, I have enjoyed and been thankful for every teacher and class I have ever taken. I wish I could go back to a lot of those classes and do better.

Every teacher, whether it is a substitute for one day or a teacher you have had all year, or multiple years, has put in the time and effort to help you take at least one step further on becoming who you are today. Whether it was by worksheets, lectures or just supervision, there was effort put in.

That's really why I regret being somewhat of a procrastinator in high school. I feel like I am failing more than just myself when I am not doing well in a class, because I'm not the only one affected by the grade I get. People like Mr. Tom Clark and Mr. Josh Clark, Mr. Palasz, Mr. Holden, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Ohlenkamp and Mrs. Iwema. All who put so much effort, day in and day out to teach and positively influence their students. Honestly, I should have aced all of the classes that I took with them, but I didn't because of my own laziness or procrastination or some other reason. Of course there are many other teachers that I could mention, but those teachers really stick out the most to me, because they are all teachers of subjects I have always said that I have enjoyed or been good at (German, English and Social Sciences).

If I do anything with my college life and if I do become a teacher, I hope that I can be as influential as they have all been to me. I hope that I can try and be as passionate as they are with their classes.

In addition to all of this, the small number of times I have been able to teach or mentor students, friends, or children have been some of the most challenging but satisfying times in my life. Sometimes I dreaded doing it because it was time consuming, however I wish I could keep doing all of those smaller mentoring positions (Though I would have no time to sleep then!).

That is why I want to teach.

So Thank You to all of the teachers in my life.



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