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My life as a barista.

I always joked the last semester of high school that I would become a barista in college. I thought I would become a lot of things in college that I was not in high school.

I have been a barista for almost 6 months and my god has it been an incredible journey. An up and down roller coaster of a 6 months would be an over generalized understatement. A vast understatement. But regardless of that, it has been a pretty incredible opportunity.

It's no secret to my fellow partners and my friends and family that I absolutely love my job. In fact, I spend at least some time on my off days, in my store. Which especially today (totally writing this in my store), I've worked everyday for the past seven days and on my first day off I have been in twice already and have spent probably an hour here already.

The other day, a regular customer came in and ordered her usual drink. After she got her drink she put her stuff away and pulled a handle bag out of her backpack and brought it up to wher…

Why I want to teach.

So at the end of last semester, I changed majors from Clinical Lab to Education and English. And a lot of people ask me why I switched to Education and English. I've always been able to tell them a reason, but when I really think about it, there is not just one.

The most influential people in my life (excluding family members), have been teachers.

Teachers who sparked my interest in history, social sciences, and writing. Teachers of different levels of my education, from middle school to College. Theatre directors, Coaches in sports and Pastors at church. I could probably take up a good page or two just naming off people who have influenced me who I consider to be teachers. I would not be who I am today without them. I have been taught compassion for others and passion for learning, thirst for excellence and striving to always be better. My views on the world have been molded by those teachers.

If I can influence someone's life as much as just one of the countless teachers tha…

Some things just do not make sense.

So today first off is my birthday, just want to get that out of the way because chances are if I saw you today I probably told you straight up its my birthday because I'm annoying like that. If you came up to me and said happy birthday, well you avoided me being annoying today.

Anyway, things do not make sense. Small example is the weather. Why in the world, is it super cold in the mornings here in indy and by noon I am sweating like no tomorrow? Why do people look for conflict and refuse to see from other peoples perspectives about things that bug the other person.

Now I know, nobody is perfect and that a lot of the time people are close minded until they are almost 'forced' to view things from a different perspective. I also know that at least for right now, I am on the outside looking in on this particular example but not necessarily from any other example.

And this is purely my opinion of things (duh my blog). I am a very trusting and caring person. I make every effort to…

Life has its challenges. Revised.

About 2 months ago, I started writing a blog post about how life has its challenges and how my life since March has changed drastically. In all honesty, my life has changed immensely since March of 2014. But when I really got down to thinking, my life has changed immensely since I moved out of my mother's house.

Sure that has been over a 13 months (wow thats a big number...) but it still has made me really think about why I am where I am.

When I first moved to Indianapolis, I was a pre-med major and had a girlfriend and a group of friends I was hanging out with every night. Since that first day, I have been in three relationships, I have had three jobs. I have lived in three (kinda four actually) different places. I have also changed from a Pre-Med major to a dual Education and English major. The only constant through it all has been the type of friends, not the friends themselves. In fact the only group of people I still even really talk to (that I am not forced to see i.e. co-work…